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“State of Union” with FCOE..

FCOE deployments today are not forklift deployments, but are mostly concentrated at the Server Access Layer. CNA’s and TOR (Top of Rack switches) can pave the 1st step in this direction. Single Chip CNA’s are available today from qlogic, Emulex and Brocade as well as Access layer TOR switches from Cisco ( Nexus 5000) and Brocade … Continue reading

Virtualization at the edge with CNA(Converged Network Adapter) bring’s together consolidation,convergence and access layer simplification while promoting DC agility..

CNA’s provide convergence by eliminating seperate controllers for networking (backbone as well as for VMotion), storage and HPC Clusters as offered by Qlogic, Emulex, Cisco(Menlo).  These CNA’s work along with VMware’s Vswitch, VM Distributed switch or Cisco’s 1000v to provide a virtual layer to physical layer matching, however this still involves management at two layers, virtual and … Continue reading

Long Distance Vmotion as demonstrated by Cisco and VMware is an important “federation tool” between private and public clouds, to provide workload elasticity and business continuity, without affecting application SLA’s, RPO’s and RTO’s

 Long distance Vmotion leverages Cisco Datacenter Infrastructure’s L2 Domain Elasticity and Storage Elasticity to perform Vmotion and Storage Vmotion across geographically dispersed Datacenters. As simple as it sounds, this technology needs to bring together lan extension and network virtualization functionality using MPLS, VPLS, GRE etc along with san extension functionality using FCIP, VSAN, IVR ( Inter VSAN … Continue reading

The marriage of Cloud computing and Service providers is an essential evolution and a win-win as is evident from recent offerings from Cisco(USD), Juniper(TX Matrix Plus) and VMware(VCloud)..

Cloud computing is an opportunity for Service Providers to maximize their value offerings. Service provider offerings so far have been based on “cost/bit” and are quickly becoming a comodity. It is essential for service providers to be able to differentiate themselves by adding more value-offerings (“Value/bit”) to their portfolio and they are uniquely positioned to bring … Continue reading

VMware’s virtual appliance marketplace has become a powerful new way of pre-packaging, testing and rapidly deploying software application stacks..

Recent enhancements to virtual appliances like using the OVF (Open Virtualization Format), JEOS (Just Enough OS) and VMware Studion have made it a popular way to package, configure, customize, test and rapidly deploy software applications. The marketplace has also enhanced the partner eco-system for VMware, which strengthens its competitive position. As Private and Public cloud deployments become more common, and VDC-OS becomes more solidified, virtual … Continue reading

Application Performance Mgmt. and Security are key inhibitors for Tier1 applications moving to virtualized deployments..

Virtualization breaks the conventional deployment model of server, network, fabric  and storage, by adding another layer of abstraction between the virtual and physical resources and hence conventional means of managemment and security needs to be enhanced. – VMware’s AppSpeed tool and NetApp’s SanScreen aim to solve this problem of Crossdomain manageability. There are also a … Continue reading

VDC-OS is a concept, but VCloud Initiative is more real…

VDC-OS is VMware’s way of tying the virtual infrastructre ( server, storage and network)  to end-users applications ( performance, scalability, security, manageability etc.) . VCloud is the initiative involving cloud service providers, partners to bring cloud solutions to the market. It comprises of VCloud API which are REST based API’s, VCloud Express which is a way to … Continue reading

CIO’s are gung-ho about Alternate IT in this recession world..

Alternate IT is a strategy, not a tactic and it is forcing IT organization to relook at how they can provide value-add. IT organizations are letting go of the tactical issues and focusing more on their core business issues and customers. This is an opportunity for cloud providers and traditional OEM’s who have established new Business … Continue reading

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) seems ripe to be offered as Cloud IAAS offering..

Inaddition to the Capex benefits (excluding the cost of thin clients) , the Opex benefits would be huge interms of  consolidation and centralization of patch management, software updates, configuration management, Rapid provisioning and Disaster Recovery. Shared storage is essential and all leading OEM’s seem, to have VDI solution offerings coupled with their secret sauce like deduplication, … Continue reading

Interesting take-aways from VMware, Cisco, EMC(VCE), HP (converged infrastructure), Juniper(Space) announcements…

demonstrating how converged bundles ( server, storage, networking ) are going to be the new norm of selling virtualized infrastructure and how management frameworks for these bundles are trying to solve datacenter sprawl pain points.