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Enomaly and Abiquo.. promising offerings in their space

Enomaly provides a cloud platform for IAAS service providers,.. whereas Abiquo provides powerful cloud management features, including interoperability between VM’s across hypervisors, addressing an important problem of vendor lock-in in clouds. Advertisements

Eucalyptus and Hadoop changing the face of open source software..

Ecalyptus just announced partnership with GroundWorks a cloud aware monitoring company, enabling a strong public cloud solution, similiar to Amazon EC2. The Ubuntu Server, of which Ecalyptus is a big part is also primed for a bigtime release with 10.04 Server edition. Cloudera is now providing Hadoop distribution to provide fast reliable analysis of structured … Continue reading

Cloud Storage is more of an solution architecture than a point product..

it resonates well with SOA. Cloud storage spans the private cloud with access and RESTfull API’s to the public cloud with the File System or Object Store and the direct attach DAS backend. With standards like CDMI and OCCI, cloud storage is looking more and more attractive to enterprises looking for DR or cloud bursting … Continue reading

Cloud computing and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Convergence in the Enterprise..

 SOA convergence with Cloud computing, presents a very well thought out strategy on how to integrate Cloud computing in your enterprise. SOA and cloud,complement each other to provide the benefits of modularity, location and infrastructure independence, re-usability, faster TTM, while leveraging enterprise’s existing investment in systems and applications.

Business Intelligence, ECM (Enterprise Content Mgmt.),emerging as killer Apps for SAAS deployments..

Browsed some of the bestsellers on BI : The Super Crunchers, Numerati, Competing on Analytics, BI – Savvy Business Manager’s Guide. BIand ECM are certainly good examples of “Whole Applications” which can leverage the SAAS model, as they are not intertwined with the legacy ERP systems. These applications are also very well valued by CXO’s and … Continue reading

A personal post..Aai passed away on Nov 24th 2009..

Aai passed away the afternoon of Nov.24th, leaving a void in my life which can never be filled. It has taken me a while to come to terms with the happenings.. still searching for answers which can never be found. Aai lived a divine 74 years, most of her life revolving around me, her only child, born … Continue reading