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IDC 2011 Business Predictions..cloud, Big data, Mobile…

Increases in global IT spending, with worldwide spending up 5.7 percent to $1.6 trillion Continued growth in emerging markets, particularly China Adoption of cloud computing Expansion of data centers Mobile market proliferation Added broadband dedications and delivery Social media expansion and consolidation Big data management and analytics Mobile management of business intelligence Consumer Web TV … Continue reading

Does IT matter.. Nicholas Carr asks a simple but profound question

“The Big Switch”, argues that cloud computing is going to follow a utility model, as witnessed with the electricity industry. This is changing and going to change in a  fundamental way, the way we live, work, play, interact, learn and will eventually evolve a different society, just like industralization and electricity gave rise a to new middle … Continue reading

Building and Marketing Disruptive products !

There is a science to building and marketing disruptive products, it does not happen by chance and a product manager plays the vital role of a creator : 1) Finding Unresolved problems Debunk 3 common myths:     Innovation is everything     It is all about revenue creation     Customer is always right. Talk not only to … Continue reading