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Building and Marketing Disruptive products !

There is a science to building and marketing disruptive products, it does not happen by chance and a product manager plays the vital role of a creator :

1) Finding Unresolved problems

  • Debunk 3 common myths:
  •     Innovation is everything
  •     It is all about revenue creation
  •     Customer is always right.
  • Talk not only to existing customers, but potential customers, explorers, to your Addressable market
  • Capture stated and unstated needs
  • Ask open ended questions, understand their business, the problems they are trying to solve, their application workflows, and their business pain points

2) Creating use cases and building buying personas

  • Understand the buyer personas and their use cases in target and adjacent markets, to see how you can expand the addressable market

3)  Quantifying the impact

  • How urgent is solving this problem
  • How pervasive is this problem ( addressable market)
  • How much is the customer willing to pay for this, what are the alternatives he has

4)  Creating breakthrough experiences

  • Create an everlasting experience for him, throughout the product lifecycle – buying, maintaining, upgrading etc.

5)  Articulating powerful ideas

  • Marketing should focus on the customer benefits as opposed to product features
  • should sell the value proposition than speeds and feeds

6) Establish Authentic connections

  • Market products directly to the end user, use new methods of web marketing for direct, focussed and cheaper messaging 

7) Building TunedIn teams

  • cultivate tunedIn teams, in  product mgmt, in engg., in sales and operations

P.S Notes based on “TunedIn” Approach


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