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Cloud Management Stacks

Cloud Management for integrated stacks, is going to play a key role in building Agile Datacenters for Enterprise and Service Provider Markets. Cloud Management software is infrastructure software that has the following core features:

*Dynamically provisions infrastructure resources (servers, storage and networks) to the Cloud (private, public or hybrid) and interoperate/federate across hypervisors, public/private with common API’s

*Ensures provisioned resources can be securely consumed by virtual enterprises.

* Provides centralized capacity planning, monitoring, reporting and sometimes even billing of ALL infrastructure resources (physical or virtual) used in the Cloud.

Some of the leading vendors in this space are: Abquio, Cloud.com, Ecalyptus, VMWare vcloud Services Director (project Redwood), Rackspace with OpenStack, CA with 3Tera, Nimbula and Enamoly.

The Key differentiators to watch for are whether they are based on Open source or vendor specific, do they support single hypervisors or multiple hypervisors, how scaleable, how secure and how available they are, essentially how enterprise ready they are.


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