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Some old unplublished posts: Big data workloads mandating new architectures..

Bigdata is now challenging businesses and IT leaders. There are opportunities and challenges with Big data transforming how data is collected(ingest), analyzed(range queries) and served(random reads). Analytics framework like Hadoop and No-SQL distributed, real-time databases like Cassandra and Membase are laying down new requirements on data center stacks. They affect all datacenter layers: –  how … Continue reading

Some old unpublished posts.Flash changing datacenter architectures..

Solid state Flash is giving rise to new storage metrics, architectures and use cases. Storage metrics like I $/IOPs and IOPs/watt are emerging in-additon to $/GBs 1) Vendors like FusionIO, STEC, OCZ have been launching PCIe based SSD’s along with server based caching S/W. Most noteable among them is Fusion IO with it’s recent acquisition … Continue reading

Some old non-published posts: VMWare VxLAN

VMware Vxlan could be the catalyst for moving workloads across private and public clouds Vmware Vxlan is an extension of Cisco OTV technology. It is essentially a tunneling protocol which encapsulates Layer2 across a Layer3 network, thus enabling flat L2 networks across data centers.  It could prove to be an catalyst for moving workloads across … Continue reading