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Some old unpublished posts.Flash changing datacenter architectures..

Solid state Flash is giving rise to new storage metrics, architectures and use cases. Storage metrics like I $/IOPs and IOPs/watt are emerging in-additon to $/GBs

1) Vendors like FusionIO, STEC, OCZ have been launching PCIe based SSD’s along with server based caching S/W. Most noteable among them is Fusion IO with it’s recent acquisition of IOturbine. They claim to have a hypversior plug-in caching S/W which will allow VM layer to be the transparent to the underlying storage and seamlessly providing features like VMotion across physical servers. There is also a guest layer component which runs as a a VM and allows application level profiling.

2) VSA vendors like HP Lefthand, StoneFly or VMware claim they can benefit from a PCIe based Flash providing head-on IOPs and throughput, while providing shared storage benefits.

3) There are all Flash vendors like PureDisk, claiming cost effective $/IOPs benefits. They claim to either have SSD aware controllers or capacity optimized storage to make them cost effective.

4) There are 2 effective storage layers emerging, the IOPs layer and the capacity layer. The IOPs layer provided performance by being closer to the server and the capacity layer provides the shared storage benefits along with capacity optimization.

It will be interesting to see how these use cases and architectures evolve


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