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Vipassana Meditation – Insight Meditatio

Vipassana Meditation – Insight Meditation, Mindful meditation – Look at Life as it is, not the way you would like it to be – Practice Equanimity, No craving, No aversion – Anicca – Everything arises, passes away, nothing is constant – Anapana – Breathe is the most puriest tool to bridge the gap between mind … Continue reading

Some old unplublished posts: Big data workloads mandating new architectures..

Bigdata is now challenging businesses and IT leaders. There are opportunities and challenges with Big data transforming how data is collected(ingest), analyzed(range queries) and served(random reads). Analytics framework like Hadoop and No-SQL distributed, real-time databases like Cassandra and Membase are laying down new requirements on data center stacks. They affect all datacenter layers: –  how … Continue reading

Some old unpublished posts.Flash changing datacenter architectures..

Solid state Flash is giving rise to new storage metrics, architectures and use cases. Storage metrics like I $/IOPs and IOPs/watt are emerging in-additon to $/GBs 1) Vendors like FusionIO, STEC, OCZ have been launching PCIe based SSD’s along with server based caching S/W. Most noteable among them is Fusion IO with it’s recent acquisition … Continue reading

Some old non-published posts: VMWare VxLAN

VMware Vxlan could be the catalyst for moving workloads across private and public clouds Vmware Vxlan is an extension of Cisco OTV technology. It is essentially a tunneling protocol which encapsulates Layer2 across a Layer3 network, thus enabling flat L2 networks across data centers.  It could prove to be an catalyst for moving workloads across … Continue reading

July 17th 2011: Napa to Sonoma 1/2 Marathon.. beautiful wine country

Cloud Management Stacks

Cloud Management for integrated stacks, is going to play a key role in building Agile Datacenters for Enterprise and Service Provider Markets. Cloud Management software is infrastructure software that has the following core features: *Dynamically provisions infrastructure resources (servers, storage and networks) to the Cloud (private, public or hybrid) and interoperate/federate across hypervisors, public/private with … Continue reading

Completed my 1st half marathon for Vibha Dream mile – Run for underpriviliged children

It was an exhilirating experience running for a great cause : http://wiki.vibha.org/Dream_Mile:2011_Bayarea_Home

IDC 2011 Business Predictions..cloud, Big data, Mobile…

Increases in global IT spending, with worldwide spending up 5.7 percent to $1.6 trillion Continued growth in emerging markets, particularly China Adoption of cloud computing Expansion of data centers Mobile market proliferation Added broadband dedications and delivery Social media expansion and consolidation Big data management and analytics Mobile management of business intelligence Consumer Web TV … Continue reading

Does IT matter.. Nicholas Carr asks a simple but profound question

“The Big Switch”, argues that cloud computing is going to follow a utility model, as witnessed with the electricity industry. This is changing and going to change in a  fundamental way, the way we live, work, play, interact, learn and will eventually evolve a different society, just like industralization and electricity gave rise a to new middle … Continue reading

Building and Marketing Disruptive products !

There is a science to building and marketing disruptive products, it does not happen by chance and a product manager plays the vital role of a creator : 1) Finding Unresolved problems Debunk 3 common myths:     Innovation is everything     It is all about revenue creation     Customer is always right. Talk not only to … Continue reading